Website Creation Is Just A Click Away. You Heard It Right!

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In the past, businesses and individual were marketing their existence using templates and newspaper advertisement. In today’s fast-growing internet world, online presence has become necessity for all kind of businesses; Nowadays, from cleaner to corporate, to promote their services, product and promotions. Therefore, people are always seeking a piece of advice on how to create a website from scratch without having technical knowledge [].

If you are the one thinking to start your own website in easy steps, you are on the right page with right guide to start from the scratch.

There are many ready to go website builders available to create your website on fly. Few popular are WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Joomla, etc.

website building platform by popularity

People usually do not create their website from scratch since its technical aspects are time-consuming. In this guide, we will be creating a WordPress site, but the process is pretty similar for other websites. You will have a nice website in just 6 steps!!! How do you feel? Sounds exciting right?

Step 1 – Register for domain name & web hosting plan

First thing comes first, decide your website or business name to be registered on Domain Name Registrar. There are many domain registrars but my favourite is Bluehost, leading domain name registrar and WordPress hosting platform. Jump on Bluehost site and select right hosting package for your requirements.

web hosting

web hosting plan

Now create a domain name by following steps on Bluehost. You can have any extension of your site from .com, .co, .org, .net; however, the most popular one is .com.


Now complete registration by filling the account information.


Create your account password once you completed payment and registration process.


Step 2 – Install and configure your website

Since you have registered and your domain name and hosting plan, now it’s time to set up your actual website. As a first step, you have to install WordPress on your domain account. Bluehost and many other hosting providers give this installation on a click.

  1. Go to your Bluehost account
  2. Navigate to control panel
  3. Find WordPress icon under website section
  4. Select a domain on which you want to install it
  5. Install it

Web portal

Once you have installed WordPress successful on your domain, you can verify it typing your domain name in browser i.e. As a result, you will get very basic WordPress default template if you have installed your WordPress successfully.

Step 3 – Design your website in WordPress

website creation

You have now got very basic WordPress site on your domain. You want to design your website to suite your business, services or many be blog offering.  The good thing is that WordPress comes with heaps of free and premium templates (1000 +) to choose from for your domain.

website theme

The templates are designed and crafted professionally to meet your specific requirements. You can pick any template and customize it based on your need.

Pick a theme and customize it

  1. To select a theme, you need to login into WordPress admin portal from your domain.

Follow – ‘’ replace ‘yourdomain’ with your actual domain name.

You will on your admin WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard

On right hand side of the domain screen, you will see the admin panel for different functionalities.

  1. In order to access free hundreds of themes, navigate to

‘Appearance > Add New’

Now you are able to see 1000+ themes. You can even filter them to find the right for your use case.

  1. Once you finalised and select your free theme you can install it simply clicking on ‘Install’. As soon as it installed you can ‘Activate’ it.

wordpress website

Step 4 – Put content on your website

So far, we have installed, configured and designed your website. Now, it’s a time to add relevant content (pages and posts) like ‘About us’, ‘services’, etc. to your new website.

Create and adding pages to menu

  1. Navigate to righthand side admin penal and click ‘Pages > Add New’
  2. You will get a WordPress editor to draft your page with title, headers, text, color, images and more. You can save it once you finished.

create a website

  1. Now let’s add this page to website menu.

Go to sidebar > ‘Appearance > Menu’

Select and add the page you created by clicking on ‘Add to Menu’

Now you have added a page to your site successfully. You can repeat the same process to create number of pages.

Create and add posts

Posts are basically content of your blogs. If you have created blogging site, you are required to add the blog posts. Posts are categorized in WordPress. You can create various categories to create a group of posts or blogs within that category.

For example, to create a blog on Fashion, I can create a ‘Fashion’ category by ‘posts > Categories’.  Then after I can create number of posts within that category to group them under Fashion category on your website.

Now to create a post, navigate to ‘Posts > Add New’. Create a post and add the relevant category to this post to categorized.

Once you finished you can add this category to your menu. Repeat the process for rest of categories you have.

Step 5 – Customize your site’s general settings

Site tagline, title, Time & date format

You can change your site title, tagline, time and date format under setting section in sidebar.

Post comments

You can turn on or off comments from readers on your pages. In order to turn off comments, go to

Settings > Discussion’ and tick or untick ‘Allow people to post comments on new articles’.


Make sure you have not ticked ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ under ‘Settings > Reading’ otherwise your site will be excluded from Google or search engine indexing visibility.

Static Front Page

If you do not want to change your home page, keep ‘A static page’ option selected under ‘Settings > Reading’.

Customise your sidebar

You can customise your admin sidebar as per your need. You can add or remove labels from your sidebar. Go to ‘Appearance > Widgets’ and from here you can add and remove various boxes using drag and drop.

Step – 6 Plugins

You can expand your WordPress site experience with 55,000+ plugins. Plugins can take your site’s capability to another level. You can utilise various popular plugin to do things like SEO, Email marketing, Photos and many more things in minimal effort.

Install Plugins

To install plugins, go to ‘Plugins > Add New’ and search the right one for your site.

Let’s install market leading Yoast SEO plugin to optimise your website for search engines.

Search for Yoast SEO plugin, install it and activate. Now utilise Yoast guide to learn more.

Website SEO

These steps will help you to understand WordPress functionalities and you can always go beyond and explore the things to learn more.

And that’s it!!

You are ready to rock and roll!!

Congratulations – on setting up your website from scratch in just easy 6 steps.


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