Does Your Country Impact The Global Culture?

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Have you ever wondered, why some cultures are more important than others? If you are asking yourself why you should know about cultures and countries, there are many answers that can be given. Some may say that knowing about cultures is increasing your knowledge, and some may say that you should know cultures if you want to travel. But here is the catch! Nothing about Venice, Tower of London or things to do in Paris is important unless it’s a part of your life. Now that’s World Culture!

Voila! We say it is! Simply because the global cultures make YOU!

So, let’s spend a couple of minutes understanding which countries are impacting the global culture! And so, somewhere affecting you!

If you think that only Nordic countries are important, you are so highly in the dark. Imagine what Chinese food and cuisine from Thailand has done! We are not telling you why the culture is important, we are telling you what about the culture is important. You need to keep reading to believe us!

Culture and sustainability

Turn on the TV or the Radio or a random FB page and the first word that will catch the attention is how the planet is dying and how the population across the globe is doing nothing about it! By the way are you! Nevertheless, some one thought about this at good length and made efforts to convert the entire country into a powerhouse of sustainability. That’s Sweden for you!


Now Sweden is not only modern and beautiful, but is also the most sustainable country in the world and has created a benchmark for other countries and their development.

So if you ask us, why Sweden? Then we say that it created the culture of saving the world!

Fashion is now important

If you give a thought to how you look before you step out of the house, credit or blame France for it. This is the country that has showed the world what looking good, feeling good and smelling good means. Yes, France has the Eiffel tower and the other monuments and the rich history that shaped the past of the global culture, A Big But States “It shows the world what looking good can mean”. Ask us why France is important to the global culture and we are sure its about how you think fashion should be!

paris fashion

Think industries, think Green!

I was always brought up with the concept that factories, industries and development is pollution, destruction and use of resources. But if there is one country that stands against my perception, well! Its Norway!

It is the most developed and the Greenest country in the world. Despite being the best and most developed country, it has the purest air and water. Almost as if Harry Potter made it happen!  But it’s true and so Norway shows that powers like nukes and bombs is not important for development. What is important is developing and making the world a better place to live in!


Mandarin and Beijing

Ever wondered how many people like China? Chances are you may know people who say they don’t like China but are actually using everything that is Chinese. China does not have the heritage Art or the Bank of US or anything like the Carnival Brazil. But what China has is competition. If you are able to buy that T-shirt at throw away prices, Thank China! If you have affordable women’s fashion, Thank China!


Not convinced yet? Look around and I can bet you would find at least one Chinese food joint in your lane!

Movies, Critiques and More!

Ever wondered why lingual cinema is so popular? Well let’s ask those who are so interested in Cinema. And No! It is not the culture of America but Koreans who have proven that cinema is so surely meaningful. Watch Korean movies and you would know what I mean! So if there is a country that is talking Progressive cinema, then put Korea on this list! Oh! Not to forget! India has cinema too!


Historic tourism and traditions

When Bill Gates visited India, we all knew where he was. That hint of vermillion on his forehead and a garland made him a prince in the country that boasts of a tradition and Dharma for more than 4000 years of existence. Braving the Mughal Rule and atrocities of colonial times, India as a country has given words like Mother, Namaste and Cricket to the world. Planning your next trip to India! This is what you must visit. Interested in Hauntings and supernatural, well you would not miss the adventure, if you are in India.

Indian culture

Now that we have given you the list of the countries which are so important in the global culture today, why don’t you add a few more and tell us about it in the comments. Anything else that catches your interest? Point us to it and we will get all the info about it!


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